Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trade talk!

Debi and I had a very pleasant and productive day at the nec yesterday - in fact so productive that I don't have to drag Nige back there today and we can take a day off with Georgia.

I have come to the conclusion that Nige spends too much time small talking and so it takes twice as long to get any real business done. Don't get me wrong - it was great catching up with friends from the trade but having Debi armed with a notebook and pencil making notes of any stand we wanted to revisit or any products we definitely had to order at the show worked a treat.

Stamps were very evident, particularly collage or Tim Holtz style ones, and also cute character ones. The ones that particularly caught our eye were from Paperartsy and a good number of them had matching dies. Also Dyan from Art From the Heart has released a number of stamp sets that we loved. It was good to see Dyan - we go back some years when we immediately hit it off at a retailer training day in Yorkshire. She doesnt know it but she is responsible for my Croc fetish having first seen her wearing them at the trade show in California!

Die cutting and machines to do such, was also very well represented. Of course we had to order the new electronic Vagabond machine. The benefit of this is that it will cut materials as thick as grunge board. It is also very cute! As usual Tim Holtz was very popular and there were lots more materials to create his particular look. I was particularly interested to see that coredination have released 36 new cardstock colours to match the distress ink pads - yummy!

We bumped into Leonie and she is such a happy bunny! She is loving her work with Create and Craft. It was good to catch up with Clare Curd too but as she is such a big Michael Jackson fan and fellow thespian we always move swiftly on from craft.

It was good to speak with Lindsay Mason. She is always such an inspiration. She will be at Crab Apple in the coming months for a demo.

We spent a lot of time with Sue from Imagination crafts. She completely bamboozled us with her enthusiasm for her products and we can't wait for these to arrive. Debi will be incorporating some of these into forthcoming workshops. You might have seen her great shows and samples on QVC. She is eager to come demo for us. Can't wait!

We also loved Molly Bloom stamps as well as the new Wild Rose Studio stamps and coordinating papers. It goes without saying that we found lots of new papers, punches, etc etc but you will just have to watch this space over the next few months as new products arrive and I try to stagger my spending so as not to give Nige a heart attack!

Off to wade through a few more catalogues! Yes Nige we do need to order all these for the shop!

Rosemary x

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tutorial: How to get on & off a hammock with ease!

Hello there,

Had a lovely day last Saturday teaching scrapbooking classes back to back. One lady is turning her 2011 thru the year scrapbook into a recipe book - what a fab idea. February is Tempting Tiramisu, and Chocolate Torte on the accordion fold out! How organized is Viv? Was looking at the first scrapbook I made of Georgia and this layout is one of the first I did. We only had one, quite poor, photo of her when she was first born and the layout is so dated but as a scrapbook page I am quite satisfied as it tells me all I need to know about her! I am an avid believer that the journalling is just as important as the photo. Journalling alone can evoke such a picture. Okay I will get down off the orange box!

Eyes are propped open with matchsticks as I type. Just had our last performance of Hollywood Story in Chester last night and I have no idea how Joel and Georgia can exist on so little sleep show week and give a three hour performance every evening. Was thinking I might wear my slippers for the whole show last night as my feet were aching. Definitely be easier to execute those pirouettes without three inch heels! Although the tap routine would be more of a soft shoe shuffle! Like any mother would be I was very proud of Joel and Georgia this week. Check out a couple of their songs on the video links at the side.

At least my craft room is almost back to normal and free of wall to wall costumes.

Nige came along and videoed the dress rehearsal and in cleaning previous footage off the camera he came across a gem! Those of you who know my mum will know she is a tad mad but this is priceless. Please do take a minute to watch it - might give you a giggle.The clue is in the title of today's blog post.

Exciting week ahead with the Craft and Hobby trade show at the NEC. Love this as get to catch up with old friends. Also hope to find new goodies to buy. Should have been on a workshop with Tim Holtz on Saturday but as I had a show that evening I just couldn't make it. Exactly the same thing happened last year too! I have been lucky enough to have taken numerous classes with Tim both here and in the states and he is an inspiration. He is a great teacher and very generous.

Just before I dash off I had to show you this picture of Huey after he had been eating raspberries. That shade of lipstick would really suit him!

Will let you know how we get on at the NEC.

Love Rosemary x
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Saturday, 12 February 2011

The show must go on!

The past week has been a blur of rehearsals and class prep for my very imminent Thru' the Year scrapbooking class. I am only just feeling better from my laryngitis that turned into a stinker of a cold. Still got no sense of taste or smell which is sometimes useful but mostly really annoying. It means I can eat things I don't normally really like so that they don't go to waste but it also means I have no idea whether or not I should wear that sweater for another day or not!

Wanted to share some photo's of my craft room but, as you will see when I upload some photos in the next few days, it is rather full of other things at the moment. Next week Georgia, Joel and I are in a compilation show called Hollywood Stories at the Forum studio theatre in Chester city centre. It comprises between thirty and forty well known movie songs. It is all singing, all dancing with a cast of only eight and boy is it hectic. The fourteen costume changes alone are a challenge without having to perform as well! Really excited about it but as this is the third show we have performed in THIS year I think we are looking forward to a break. Nige will be glad I can focus on work again!

I am excited about the scrapbook class for my own selfish reasons. Last January I decided to create a double page layout for every month of 2010 so that by the end of the year i would have a record of the events - ordinary and special - with relatively little effort. I am ashamed to say I didn't even finish January! So I reckoned if I taught it as a quarterly class completing three months at a time it would make sure I got it finished. And it would seem there are lot of others excited by this idea judging by the bookings. So bring it on.

Have to dash now as teaching an Introduction to Scrapbooking class this morning before the Thru' the Year this afternoon. It's exciting to introduce new people to the immensely enjoyable craft of scrapbooking!

Love Rosemary x

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