Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring is sprung!

At last, and what a difference it makes. Yesterday I felt so drab and stuffy in my thick woolly polo neck sweater that I decided to swap all my winter clothes for summer ones in my wardrobe. Okay I can hear you groaning that if anything is guaranteed to bring on freezing conditions, that is, but I felt so much better when I had done it. Gok Wan would have applauded me! I might not be so smug though when I fling open my wardrobe doors this morning and can find only vest tops, cropped trousers and espadrilles!

I also had to have a break from all that cutting and punching. I have punchers palm and guillotine elbow. Our card camp is only 10 days away and what seemed like cracking ideas when we planned it seem like insanity now! It will all be worth it and I know the card campers will appreciate it - YOU WILL!

Coffee morning tomorrow and I always look forward to that. Can't believe it comes round so fast. Lots of new products to show and I set myself a challenge to demo how to use a sheet of 12 x 12 lace paper to get multiple cards and a layout out of it. What a fun few hours I had once I got into it. I have so far managed one 12 x 12 layout and four cards with still a small piece of the lace paper left. Will post photos after coffee morning. Very full tomorrow but still some places left for Saturday morning.

Had to post this following photo. We were on our way home from the caravan on Sunday evening and discovered six or seven lambs skipping about on a quite major road. So we set about rounding them up and getting them back into the field. Easier said than done and at one point I looked around to see if there was a camera somewhere filming us, and if it was all a set up. Not one other car stopped to help and we had lambs running in every direction

Ah yes and now I better mention Nige's hair. It was supposed to be highlights but after the hairdressers fourth attempt to lift it from a vibrant ginger he went for the Rhyddian look!

Anyway, off to stroke my new Tim Holtz coredination papers that arrived yesterday whilst I was sorting my summer wardrobe!

Love Rosemary x

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Cut & punch, punch & cut!

Well they have all gone! You lucky ladies booked for our soon to happen Cardcamp should be receiving your info pack by today. Don't tell Nige but I have already realized a couple of extra things I meant to say on there. Thank goodness for email!

Debi and I have been hard at work prepping for the retreat. In fact I feel like I have done nothing but cut and punch all week. We are using 9 big papercrafting brands and 16, yes 16, different paper ranges ( a lot of them so new we are struggling to get them in)!!

We had a paradisical (is there such a word?) weekend, last weekend, at our caravan. We both spent the whole weekend smiling - it was so good to be back! I got loads of reading done, Nige fished and we walked the dogs. We are always sad to leave on the Sunday afternoon but we'll be back there this weekend. Sad to say I will be cutting and punching this time tho'! Ours is the fourth caravan from the left.

Below, ours is the one with the black car to the right of it. When I want to order Sunday's TSV from QVC the hill behind is the one that Nige has to run up to get a signal on his phone. If it goes 'limited' I have to shout at him to run faster!

Because we are away now most weekends the house tends to get neglected and those of you with kids and/or dogs will know it can go downhill in a very short time. So Nige allowed me a half day at home yesterday to clean, wash, iron and bake! Ha ha! I know he thinks I am superwoman but I am not that "super". I was so excited to try out my new silicone cupcake cases that I got free in a new baking mag but as usual I started with the boring chores and didn't even get close to any baking! I did make my signature pasta mozzarella dish though so felt like semi-super woman!

Did say I was posting two of Esthers demo cards last time but only one is there so here is the other.

Now please please will you all stop sympathizing with Nige over a mere filling! It is hardly giving birth is it!! He has driven me mad over the past week and now, because you are all fretting over him he is making out I am the bad guy! Anne even brought him a card yesterday.

Must go get ready for some more cutting and punching today. We also have a mini party at the shop today as two of the ladies attending our Oriental card workshop are celebrating birthdays.

Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!

Rosemary x

PS Did mention QVC on our website but to reiterate there really isn't much to say. They spoke briefly with me last week to say they haven't any hours for me at the moment!

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Marching on

Ooh what a lovely day I had yesterday teaching another full Thru' the Year scrapbook class. Even though it was hectic we had a lovely morning of laughs and gorgeous cupcakes made by Marge. Who can resist white chocolate buttercream?
Teaching the same class Wednesday and then moving on to April, May, June layouts - we will have half of 2011 scrapbooked before we know it.

Meet Warren from Craftwork Cards. He arrived Thursday. We have a selection of goodies to make the card shown and other equally lovely ones.

And then to cap the day off our Paperartsy order arrived with the most wonderful stamp sets and matching dies. Debi and I were excitedly planning how we can incorporate some of the stamps into our fast approaching card camp! (Card Campers start watching that mail box for your joining letter).

Today I have been up since 5.30am. It is no good but once I wake and start thinking about the day I have to get up and get on. And I am particularly excited about today as we are opening up our caravan in Welshpool for the year. Boy how we love that haven. We only normally manage to stay over Saturday to Sunday but we do try to get there as many weekends as we can. It is a place we rest, relax and lick our wounds! The dogs love it as they spend most of the weekend outside on the balcony overlooking the trout lake. Nige gets to fly fish - well he does a lot of standing about! And I get to nap and read! We do manage to get quite a bit of work done but it doesn't really feel like work there! We have no Internet connection and very poor reception on our phones as we are in a valley so it is a real break from routine.

Wanted to show you a couple of cards Esther made at our demo last weekend. We are expecting another order of creatable dies this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

Some more birthday cards to follow on next blog update!

Hope you manage to have a crafty weekend - I have packed some crafty stuff!

Rosemary x

PS just thought you might enjoy this photo Joel took on Euston Station. This guy on the right was one of the highlights of their trip to London! It doesn't take much to amuse our kids!

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well what a great weekend that was. Saturday morning started with a bang - literally - the urn packed up and we had to boil kettles for our free coffee and cake morning! But there was definitely a buzz about and it was so good to see those of you who stopped by with a card ( thank you Sheila and Ralph for the champagne and Jill for the birthday cake) and those who came to see Esther working her magic with the Creatables dies! When I see someone else playing it makes me itch to do some crafting myself.

Here are just a few of the cards we received. I will post some more next time. I really don't appreciate the one Judith sent. I mean, what is that all about. Judith had the audacity to hand ME this card and say there wasn't room for my name!

On Sunday Nige and I took the dogs to the seaside and how glad I was that we made the effort. It was a beautiful sunny day and the world and his dog were on the beach building sandcastles and eating icecream. I think this is when I miss our dog Poppy the most - she was the one who really knew how to enjoy the seaside, swimming around in the sea, chasing stones that we threw and barking at the seagulls. But the great thing with dogs is that you get to relive the memory of a day on the beach for at least another three days because they bring half of it home with them! We have our own man made beach in our back room at the moment!

Off to play with the cricut. I am a Slice girl but feel I should get to grips with the 'big one'. Got to stay away from craft knives today. Debi looked on incredulously yesterday as I sliced through the top of my finger changing the blade on a circle cutter (and yes I was doing it correctly keeping it's little plastic cover on). I put a plaster on and then cut through another finger putting the circle cutter back in it's plastic case. Debi said I just needed a paper cut for a hat trick! It was interesting trying to make a turkey crumble for tea last night. Joel said he didn't mind pink crumble as long as the turkey wasn't pink!

Rosemary x

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Happy birthday Crab Apple House!

Okay I know we sound like the queen here but we do celebrate two birthdays at Crab Apple Crafts; our birthday in Sept is the official opening of the site and as we have been here since the very beginning we will be 12 this year, but it is our 6th birthday in Crab Apple House this coming weekend.

Esther from our Dutch supplier Kars will be demoing all day with the new creatables dies. There are chairs so that everyone can see what she Is doing. If you come in the morning Nige and I will be there to offer you free cake and coffee. Now that has to be worth a trip to get something free from Nige and don't forget that the first 25 to bring us a birthday card and spend £6 (cos it's our sixth birthday) will receive a goody bag worth at least ten pounds.

We have lots of new paper ranges that I put out yesterday including kaisercrafts Bubblegum Hill and Nans Favourites, Basic Grey Marjolaine and Hopscotch and Cosmo Cricket Togetherness. Last weekend we received the new Docrafts ranges. Orders have started to arrive that we placed at the trade fair so come have a browse.

Our April/May workshop sheet will be out for tomorrow and bookings are always fast and furious for the first few days particularly. We have 11 brand new classes on there and that is not counting the four new we have this month. So something for everyone we hope.

Anyway must dash as we have a full Grunge book class today and it is such a busy class that Debi has roped me in as her able assistant!

Have a great weekend and hope the sun shines for you!

Rosemary x

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunday - a day of rest!

Well I mean that as a woman would understand it - a day to catch up on washing, tidying and cooking a roast dinner but oh how good those things are when life gets a little out of hand! This past week has been a mix of good, bad and bizarre - all part of the rich tapestry of life!

The good has been very good catching up with customer friends at our full to bursting craft n chat on Thursday, and then teaching the frame class pictured below on Friday. Spent a long day in London on Saturday with Nige, Joel and Georgia primarily to see Love Never Dies (for the third time!) but we also managed to have a lovely meal with friends from Wirral who were also there to see the show.

The bad (particularly for Nige) was the day the drains blocked/collapsed and Nige had to play helper to the guy that came out to fix it. The idea was that Nige watch and alert the expert when anything started to happen down the drain. If you are ahead of me here you will probably have visions of mount Etna, and Nige too close for comfort! I am actually convinced that this is the only way the guy can get his own back for having such a dreadful job! Nige- covered head to toe in unmentionables! Sorry but haven't got photo evidence. I had the more mundane job of serving at the shop.

And the bizarre - my dad who is definitely not yet anything short of a full shilling decided to take 7 days heart tablets in one go as he was so absorbed in Bargain Hunt or some such morning programme and not concentrating on the job in hand! The phone call I got from my mum as I just got to work went something like this - "now don't panic - I am but I don't want you to"!!! What a reassuring opening to any conversation. Dad was whipped off to hospital where he remained all day whilst mum and I spent many anxious hours waiting for these "slow release" tablets to, well, slow release. When I collected him 12 hours later he sat in the back of the car sighing and saying, "what a waste of a precious day"!

I have enjoyed working on samples for our new Stay 'n' Play sessions starting with the new Basic Grey Curio range

and also Basic Grey Marjolaine. Come join me for coffee and card making. Watch this space for dates.

Must dash to type up the April and May workshop schedule. Plenty of new things to enjoy! Below is a taster of our Birds of Paradise stamping class.

Keep on crafting!

Rosemary x

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