Monday, 27 June 2011

Dreams of Tissue Tape!

Okay I knew I was a bit of a saddo with regards to crafting (after 13 years I still get excited when an order is delivered to the shop and this happens most days) but I woke this morning at 5.20am thinking about Tim Holtz Tissue Tape (seriously) and got so psyched up that I couldn't get back to sleep. So here I am throwing myself into the week a little earlier than I would have wanted!

How fast the weeks fly by! It doesn't seem a moment since I was cutting and punching for the last retreat and here we are doing the same again. And oh how good it felt yesterday to have a day of glorious sunshine to catch up on gardening and washing. Poor Boo was so hot we had to get her paddling pool out.

We have another good week ahead of us as we have our bi-monthly coffee mornings Thursday and Saturday. There are still places left for Saturday morning. I will be showing new products and demonstrating, but also we will be having a sale of ex-workshop stamps and an auction of paper products. 25% of sales from these two things will go to The Children's Adventure Farm Trust which is a very special place that provides holidays for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West. An excerpt from their leaflet reads - "we show the children and young people that there is a world outside of the one they live in, giving them something to aim for, giving them hope."

We have new products galore expected this week. We have already taken delivery of the Quintessentially English range of stamps from Indigo Blu. The cute Molly Blooms range (including new summer designs) and the next Docrafts Creativity mag and range of products, including their great priced range of nesting dies, are expected in the next couple of days. If you are into paper (and who isn't, we have the Prima Madeline range and Bo Bunny Gabrielle as well as others on their way as well as lots of 6 x 6 paper pads as you requested.

If that isn't enough to tempt you to visit I don't know what is. The above card samples are by Kay from Indigo Blu and the stocking is Clare's (aka Molly Bloom).

So bring it on!

Rosemary x

Ps For you readers out there I have read Beautiful (the one about Katie who was the victim of an acid attack) and Water for Elephants in the past couple of weeks and I couldn't put them down!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Greetings from our Welshpool office!

After a very hectic week in the Merry household and the realization that we wouldn't be able to visit our caravan for the next five weekends we did a bit of jiggery pokery and managed to spend Monday and half of Tuesday here this week. The only annoying thing is that although this is the place we work best at we get very limited reception as we are in a valley. So this photo shows me in the Welshpool office catching up on emails and texts - seriously the only place we can get a connection is at the top of the field! Yes that's me under the tree.

You scrappy campers should have received your package by now with all the details for the next residential retreat in less than three weeks. Workshop bookings are coming in fast and furious so don't hang about as there is some limit on numbers. We are really looking forward to this.

On Saturday I had a great day at the Craft Range in Burnley demonstrating the Vagabond machine and Marianne dies. Seriously what a great combination. It was great chatting with all you crafters and how well looked after were Nige and I with coffee and a lovely lunch. (I will demo the Vagabond at our coffee mornings next week at Crab Apple - Thursday is well and truly full but there are still some free places on the Saturday morning).

Our July 'Stay n Play' will use the Basic Grey new Sweet Threads kit. Those of you attending these sessions are loving the cards these kits make.

Joel has had a part in Jesus Christ Superstar at Theatre Clwyd this last week and Georgia had her first gig with Brownpaper Productions last Friday at the Mold Contact club. What a very special night that turned out to be. To see the enjoyment this group got from dancing the night away was awesome. They had no inhibitions at all and were so appreciative. Very humbling!

Take That were amazing - that is until number 1 friend decided to collapse at the barrier and have to be lifted out of the crowd by the paramedics. So do I stay and watch what was a fantastic show or do I push my way through the thousands around me on the pitch to support my poor friend! Easy - stay and watch! No seriously I dutifully made my way to the first aid room and asked her what on earth she thought she was playing at! We are still friends though.

Off to make a few more lists, by hand, in my notebook, in the absence of technology! Have to get back to Frodsham for this evening as we have another doggy photoshoot. This is Fizz from our last one.

Hope you are having a great week.

Rosemary x

PS Notice I didn't mention the incessant rain once!

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Take that!!

What an exciting week! Had a great meeting yesterday. A long day and I was fast asleep by 8.30 last night but I am cautiously excited. Hopefully it wont be long now before I can spill the beans on my next venture so watch this space.

And guess what else happened this week? I got an invite to go see Take That on Friday. The only concert I have ever been to before was Barney at the MEN (and yes I do mean the big purple dinosaur). So I am also a little apprehensive too. It must be a sure sign of getting older when your biggest anxieties are whether there will be adequate toilet facilities and a place to get a cuppa! So,okay, I am leaving home at eight in the morning and the gates don't open until 5pm! Now I remember why I don't do concerts. I couldn't have put more preparation into what I am wearing and taking to sustain me had I been going on a mission to the moon! Sun lotion - check, umbrella - check, fishing chairs - check( seriously).

I have been front line in the shop today whilst Nige was teaching his fairy fantasy class!

The ladies loved it! If you like the look of these, Nige will be running this class once more in July.

Hope the week is going well for you - at least the sunshine is back!

As we say in our house - "I'm sending you a snugglebunny!"

Rosemary x

ps Our July workshop schedule will be available tomorrow. Lots of 'last chance' classes before we break for our summer sale.

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