Thursday, 29 September 2011

Scarecrow Trail at Lady Heyes.

Lady Heyes has a scarecrow trail running for the next month where each shop has been encouraged to make a scarecrow to display outside their shop. As we were passing Lady Heyes in the dusk earlier tonight on our way back from our favourite fish and chip restaurant we glanced down towards our shop and to our horror saw a car with full beam on, facing the side door. We screeched to a halt, turned around and raced back and round the car find Joel and his girlfriend Dani securing the scarecrow they had made, to the drainpipe. Guess who the scarecrow was modelled on?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

Love Rosemary x

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Black Sunday!

Despite Nige being convinced to the contrary I did not sit on it or drop it. In fact, I had been so busy doing other things that I hadn't even picked it up for two days. So imagine my horror when I turned my iPad on to find autumnal coloured lines across the whole screen. Kaput! What was I to do? All my calendar dates, craft retreat notes, class ideas, present buying ideas etc etc were on there. And it was the only way I knew to write and publish my blog! Okay I know that was a long winded excuse but there you have it! The reason for my silence. After counting my pennies that I had saved in one of those coin sorter things and moping about with cow eyes for an hour or so the man in charge decided I could have another. But that was not before trying to get me to agree to share his! As if!

There has been such a lot happening since I last posted. I do love September. Almost feels like it should be the start of the new year. We have had a great month in the shop with coffee morning and our preview afternoon at the start and then most recently, this last weekend, our 12th birthday at Lady Heyes, we had a great demo day with multiple demonstrators. It was so successful we are planning our next for the first weekend in March 2012. (We also have regular demo days with just one demonstrator - both Esther from Kars and Clare from Molly Blooms will be visiting us in October).

Most of you will know the other major thing to happen in the Merry household is the arrival of Cubby, pint sized but a major pain in the neck. I never realised that the smaller the puppy the bigger the scrapes he can get into. Still, he has brought such a lot of pleasure in the past ten days that we think we will keep him.

Debi and I are working on projects for the November retreat and they are coming along rather nicely. Retreat bookings for next years 3 retreats will open next Wednesday so if you want to come along get ready for that!

Could write a book sized post as I feel such a lot has happened this month - but I won't. If you want to really stay up to date with what is happening at Crab Apple Crafts join us on Facebook. All the cards shown are from Lindsay Masons demo last Saturday.

And yes, finally, summer has arrived and I plan to enjoy it in all it's fullness - with a full line of washing out. Oh the pleasures of seeing that!

Fun Fall crafting to you all! Off to teach my last Jul/Aug/Sept Thru the Year scrapbook class to 16 lovely ladies this morning.

Love Rosemary (and Cubby who is biting my hand as I type).

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