Monday, 30 January 2012

Well, it wasn't so bad after all!

January I mean. I can't believe it's nearly gone. And it wasn't half as bad as anticipated! I spent a very productive Monday morning in my craft room making some quick cards with the Spring Chic range from Papermania. The paper is all fresh pastels and only one design is definitely Easter.

This last one also showcases one of the new triboss embossing folders. Look at the definition - how clever! (Not me - the folder). All the stamped images (greetings and bunting)are made using some of the free stamps that come with the new edition of Creative Stamping. There are loads more! This afternoon I spent at the shop helping unpack some new items - I get all the good jobs! Aren't these darling?

And not so cute but very useful for scrapbooks and cards:-

Must dash - Nige is outside in the pitch black with his tripod and camera possibly in grave danger of being arrested. Another one of his hare brained ideas no doubt. I will go drag him back in! I know we have another day to go but Happy February - Spring is just around the corner. Keep cosy and keep crafting, Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, 28 January 2012

California Here I Come - NOT!

Well I should have been going - hotel picked, flights found, and, most importantly, Disney tickets sorted! But you know, life gets in the way and, after one thing and another, I had to put away my sunglasses for another six months and put another layer on. I guess CHA just wasn't meant to be this winter. My mum and dad both decided to have 'turn of the year' ops and Boo, our gentle giant is struggling with her hip dysphasia. Have to content myself with memories of last time we went.

But I am not down - we have two trade fairs here in February so I am already planning our visits there (and a workshop with the man himself - Timmy not Nigey- but having trouble fitting that in - grrrrr!) I am already getting plenty of emails of new 'stuff' that will be out so watch this space. Speaking of new things these beauties should be here in a few days. They are a limited edition set.

We had a great workshop preview day last Saturday. It was good to see and chat with so many of you - another busy, buzzy day! The star of the day was definitely Parchment Craft. I thought I would gauge the current interest in this beautiful craft and schedule a class in March. That class is fully booked! Another pleasant surprise was the interest in Creative Wax Painting (Encaustic Art) - that class is two thirds full! Your being inspired inspired us.

As regards the burning issue that so many of you ask me about - all I can say is that lines of communication are still open and you will be the first to know if I have any news. Have a great weekend! (Guess where I am)

Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hippity hop!

Keep forgetting to show you our new Easter paper from Imaginisce

That carrot paper could be one of your five-a-day! Ah well it amused me. We also have St Patricks Day paper (so will all those people who have asked for this over the years please come in to buy it so that Nige won't be able to say again - "what on earth did you buy that for?")

Snuggle bunnies to you all, Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's on my work desk Wednesday?

I have noticed that quite a few bloggers do a "what's on my work desk Wednesday" (they must spend all of Tuesday evening tidying it!) and I just had to show you this.

How on earth am I supposed to get anything done! I had to keep lifting his ears to score anything past 7"! Just wanted to remind you about our preview afternoon on Saturday. We are aiming to have samples on show for most of our Jan/Feb classes and you can grill Debi and I on techniques involved, future class ideas etc. . Just pop in if you can - it would be good to catch up. Free refreshments will be available. I am still working on it but we will be previewing our March schedule too.

I did actually get some work done and the above samples are some from the Hougie Board class. Keep warm and keep crafting! Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blinkies, Buttons and Pinterest!!!

O for goodness sake I just worked out how to put blinkies and buttons on my blog and now everyone is talking about Pinterest. I have absolutely no chance of keeping up with everything! I am waking each morning at the moment feeling I am already behind with the day before I get out of bed (and that's at 6am). Having Cubby (who, incidentally was six months old on Christmas Day) is proving quite useful though. I no longer have to open the mail each day as he does it for me. It does take me rather a long time to piece it all back together so I can read it but hopefully I can fine tune his skills as he gets older. Being cute is on his side!

I do apologise to all those non doggy people - I did promise myself I wouldnt keep posting photos of him but couldnt resist this one. I managed to put out for sale two great paper ranges yesterday - we had no room for them with all the Christmas paper so I had to keep them back until now. They are Prima Printery and Simple Stories Year-O-Graphy. (Those who attended my Thru the Year class will recognise the latter range as the one we used for our final 2011 page.) It is perfect if you intend to make either a journal or scrapbook through the coming year as some of the designs have months or calendars on them (nothing that restricts it to 2012 though). Both very 'of the moment' too.

Spent today completely revamping my Intro to Scrapbooking class and am really pleased with it. I really do want those attending to go away inspired and fully equipped to start Scrapbooking! Nige is uploading samples for classes to the website as they are completed,but here is a sneak peek of one of the cards from our Stamping in Inchies class.

Anyway back to the grind. "It may be Winter outside, but in my heart it's Spring." Crafty wishes to you! Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy bleugh day!

January is such a bleugh month isn't it. Every day seems a grey day at the moment. My mother-in-law brightened my day yesterday by turning up on the doorstep with a 'valentine' potato that she couldn't bear to use so brought it for me. Isn't it the cutest potato you ever saw?

Just wanted to share the news that Kay from Indigo Blu stamps will be demoing at our birthday weekend in September. She is so popular it was hard to find a day she could come but she really was keen herself to demo on that day. Incidentally, she will be on Create and Craft this coming Sunday and the flitterglu she will be demoing is on its way to us.We have a demo day in February and Debi will be demoing this product with Indigo Blu stamps. Workshop descriptions are now on the website too! Off for another fun filled day. Need to condense the sale stock and tidy it after a mad weekend and then work on my hougie board class! Hugs! Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The North Wind Doth Blow!

We have had a week of putting fence panels back in and trying to anticipate which will be next to 'pop' out. Being on a corner plot and at the top of a very exposed hill doesn't help at all. Cubby has had to have a vest made with weights for our daily walks - only joking, but I did keep him on his lead a couple of mornings just in case. Imagine my joy yesterday when I realised my blogging problems had all been sorted. Still majorly cross about all the other stuff I lost but won't bore you with that unless you have a spare couple of hours!! I put away all the Christmas decorations for another year. That was a story in itself - how to remove a 7ft 'real' tree from the house through two rooms and over two steps with little mess - and on my own! Impossible! I had to stop twice to empty the pine needles from my slippers. It took me a full morning to remove it and then clear the trail I had left in doing so! It was the worst tree we have ever had for dropping pine needles. But one decoration I can't face putting away is the Christmas card a friend sent us. She has some health problems and I know the work this took.

All the images are stamped, coloured and cut out. As I tidied and was putting photos and scrap book pages away from this past year it was good to relive the highlights.If you haven't tried scrap booking yet or haven't had the time to do as much as you liked this past year why not just do a double page layout with photos of the highlights of the year. It can be as simple as the one I did for Georgia some years back.

Immediately from that I can see it was the year she started school, she was an angel in the nativity play, it was the year Lady Heyes opened (the photo with Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog was from the official opening), and how we celebrated her birthday. So much there I would have had no chance of remembering. Incidentally l found a great iPhone/iPad app yesterday called Photo365. It was recommended in the new scrapbook mag and allows you to take photos for every day of the year and stores them calendar style. Nige was so impressed he is going to get it too. I am currently working on class descriptions for our workshops. The most popular class by far is the layouts one and that thrills me as you know scrap booking is my passion. The tags techniques one is proving popular too

There are tons of techniques on these tags (these are just a sample of the ones you will make). We will be using Indigo Blu stamps, distress stains, tim holtz products, sticky back canvas etc etc. Our sale in the shop started really well this week. The number of you there for opening took us by surprise - in fact I had to park on the caravan park overspill site! It was a lovely atmosphere and good to catch up and wish a happy new year to so many of you.

Anyway its the start of Panto week today - oh yes it is! And although I am not actually in it this time I will have some equally important job backstage like making sure the dames wig is on straight or that he doesn't have lipstick on his teeth! Keep safe and warm in this winter weather and if it is too bad to go out get crafting! Love Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Come hell or high water, I was determined I would blog today to wish you all a very happy, healthy and crafty New Year. Yes I did take a couple of weeks out after our November retreat but, without boring you all with technical stuff that I really don't understand myself, my usual blogging avenue has been temporarily (I hope) closed off and is under review. So I’m having to go about this with massive help from Nige and in a very long winded way.

I send a huge thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts. I can't believe how many of you know I have a passion for owls and Yankee candles. My house is the best smelling owl sanctuary in the country! I even have owl wellies and pj's since Christmas.

I managed to attend a quilting workshop mid December that Nige actually bought as a gift for me last Christmas. I had a lovely relaxing time and am proud to say I completed a cushion cover in prairie queen block style (yes you can see owls on that fabric).

The rest of my pre Christmas build up seemed to be spent in various hospital waiting rooms with mum and dad waiting for check-ups or consultations for one or both. But all went well and it was good to spend time with them no matter where it was. I’m even skilled in wheelchair driving now as mum has limited mobility as she waits for a knee replacement.

Nige and I have spent a number of days this week sorting the shop out and we both feel inspired for the new year. The sale is looking good and we already have new stuff coming into the shop. It has been good having the time to really sort out things that have been neglected and we’ve been brainstorming new ideas and products. After a tough year in retail last year I did wonder if it would be difficult to get motivated but that hasn’t been a problem for either of us.

Our workshop programme has been released and some classes are half full already - Craftwork Cards 'secret garden' and Tons of Techniques on Tags are storming ahead.

Since we sent the email we’ve slotted in a Hougie board class that had been much requested. That class is on the afternoon of February 24th. Instead of a Thru' the Year layout class this year I’ve decided to do various layout classes to help speed up the scrap booking process for you. Also I’ve updated my Intro to Scrapbooking that will mean less thinking for you and be more layout based, covering the elements of building scrapbook pages such as design, titles, matting and journalling.

Anyway considering I only wanted to wish you Happy New Year I think I’ve rambled on rather too much, and had better quit.

Looking forward to sharing another crafting year with you, and Cubby-the-reindeer says 'Hi'

Love, Rosemary x