Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I'm excited!

Video for the mini book done and to be uploaded later.

Keep calm and keep crafting!

Rosemary x
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Migraine stops play!

I had so many things to accomplish on my 'to do' list today but when I awoke this morning with a migraine I knew I would have to give in to it. I was pretty sick for much of the morning but am now getting back up to speed and am literally just about to film me making the one-sheet mini book I demoed on Create & Craft this past Sunday. Cameras are in place, materials all ready, all three dogs are gagged and we are just waiting for the right light. So hopefully later this evening I will be able to upload it.

This card is one I didn't get to show and it used a doilie from the kit which not surprisingly sold very well.

I had a great show on Sunday and loved working with Nigel May. What an absolute gentleman he is. Hope I get to work with him again soon. The pace is so lovely in the studios at Create & Craft and the floor staff are so helpful. I had a major panic when I realised I had leant my mascara to Georgia, and after a futile search for anywhere that sold such items at 6.30am on a Sunday morning (Nige was very understanding), I had to plead with the floor staff to hunt some down for me. No sooner said than done! I had visions of going to air with piggy eyes. Mascara is one of my desert island supplies and I would have felt naked without it.

The card below is made using the Tea Party kit that had everything but the kitchen sink in it!

Yesterday was Georgia's 17th birthday so I spent the day trying to look like I wasn't trying to prep for another two hours worth of shows this coming Friday and was totally focused on her 'special day'. We did manage lunch out and a nice evening with friends.

I will say TTFN as I will post again tomorrow with some news I am now able to share with you. Will also give some details of our 'We Love Candi' party that is happening this Saturday.


Rosemary x

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

How many new kits?!?!

Lots - that's how many! And I should know as I have spent all week working on them. The official line-ups for my Sunday and Friday shows have been confirmed and I have 12 brand new kits on May 27th and another 5 on June 1st. And they are yummy! Most people assume there is a team beavering away at Crab Apple Crafts preparing for such as Create & Craft and our residential retreats but I can assure you it is just Debi and I (and Nige chipping in of course). To be truthful we enjoy it too much to share it around!

We would love to see you for our 'We love Candi' event Saturday June 2nd anytime between 11am and 4pm. There will be a rolling Candi demo, 2 free candi make and takes, free ideas sheets and a raffle for a candi storage box holding 12 different packs of Candi. As it's Jubilee weekend we will have cakes and stuff too. Please try and join us for an hour or so - or stay for the day if you wish!

Off to spend the day with my friends at Craft and Chat - always a riot (in the best possible sense of course).

Hope you manage to tune in on Sunday and/or Friday.


Rosemary x

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Altered piggy wiggy dogs!

Hello my lovely peeps,

Okay I know I promised not to say peeps after Easter was over but I just love the word so much I couldn't resist! Yes my heading for this blog post is a little bizarre but it is the note I made for writing this post and indicative of the state of my head at the moment. I have serious brain overload! (Okay no comments please).

We have a brilliant 'altered' weekend coming up 26/27 May so if you are a fan of Ranger products you will luuuuurve this. I know there are limited places left on the altered book day so you might have to catch the re-run.

I know Christmas is a dirty word at the moment but I am excited to announce we have Pink Piggy Wiggy (aka Dawn) taking two classes on our Christmas in July weekend 14/15 July. She is up there with the bestest colourer inners I have seen and already teaches full weekends in colouring and is on a number of reputable Design Teams. Visit her blog to see her work. So if you want to know how to really use your promarkers then keep an eye on the workshop schedule (my mum already tried to sneakily book for the full day and the schedule is not even out!)

I have plenty more dates for Create & Craft shows and am going to try to create a box on my blog and website (ha ha ha I hear you saying!) but just in case I don't manage it today here are some dates for your diary. Sunday May 27th 9-11am, Friday June 1st 10am and 1pm, Saturday June 9th 12noon and 4pm, Sunday June 24th 9-11am and Thursday June 28th (time TBA). These are obviously subject to change but I will update you as the dates get closer.

Couldn't resist sharing this photo of the three amigos. Couldn't have staged this if we had tried!

Have plenty more to share with you but I am trying to avoid giving you all brain overload too so will save it for another day. Off to work on my demos for Sunday Scrappers! Woohoo.

Remember, 'never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!' Mark Twain


Rosemary x

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Save the date!

Happy International Scrapbook Day! Off to our 12 hour Scrapathon shortly but wonder how much Scrapbooking will actually get done. The Danish Pastries and Pizza (not at the same time!) will surely help along the way.

I am delighted to tell you I will be guesting my next Sunday Scrappers show on Create & Craft on Sunday 27th May between 9am and 11am. I am already really looking forward to it. I can hardly contain myself but I hope to be able to tell you even more exciting news very soon. Whew - what a week!

On Thursday I was teaching parchment craft all day and in the afternoon we made this lovely card shown above. It took all afternoon but the result was well worth it.

We have the lovely new Prima Fairy Belle papers in stock and this template class, to make a book in a box coming up in the next few weeks, will be using those papers. I am sooooo a template tart!

Guess what I found in my tumble dryer this week! It is something I am always a little paranoid about checking and not without good reason as you can see.

Must dash - can't keep my scrappy friends waiting.

Happy scrapping!

Rosemary x

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