Saturday, 31 August 2013

And relax!

D'ya know when you have so much to do but you avoid doing any of it and spend hours doing something you don't need to? Well that is exactly what happened with me and Decopatch this week. I have to admit it had never appealed to me until Trimcraft brought out their range of Decomache papers based on their most popular paper designs. So I thought I would cover a couple of items to show the lovely peeps at coffee morning this coming week. And now I don't know where to stop! How very easy, how surprisingly unmessy and how amazingly relaxing this is. Any surface is fair game (which is quite dangerous really). My glasses and iPhone cases are like new, not to mention numerous other previously dull objects!

If you came to our sale you might have seen the dayglo yellow scrapbooks we were selling? You certainly wouldn't recognise this one now. When I unwrapped it I was a little perturbed to find it was fabric but hey ho, one coat of white acrylic paint (to lighten the colour) and some Decomache paper and its bang on trend. With a coat or two of the decopatch glue on top to seal it, it will be pretty hard wearing.

I loved that I could work on a lap tray too so I could chill with Nige at the same time (he misses me you see). Hey there's a thought - my lap tray could do with refurbishing! See, this is what happens!

If you are on our email list you will already know I am on Create & Craft from Monday to Wednesday with a members 4 day deal. This is at very short notice - I am taking my tap shoes to fill in any awkward moments. Tune in if you can.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Rosemary x

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